Monday, March 9, 2009

Worth the Wait

Well, Ladies and Gents, the day you have all been waiting for is finally here. No, they aren't holding a no-holds-barred cage match pitting brothers Kevin Arnold of The Wonder Years and Corey Matthews of Boy Meets World, but something nearly as epic. Yes, I am talking about my first post on Jayhawk Chalk Talk.

Let me first apologize for taking so long to make my first entry, but as you know, anything worth having is worth waiting for. Now, people have asked me, "Paul, how do create the magic that just comes spilling out of your fingers into the computer screen and finally into my face?" It is hard for me to quantify my art, much like it is difficult to explain exactly how Matt got his hair to do what it did in his head shot. If I had to say, however, I would say my posts are a mixture of genius, strong coffee, and techno music, with just a dash of whatever it is that makes White Castle so awesome.

I have also been able to rest soundly at night knowing that the world is in safe hands. Matthew Baysinger and Bradley Thorson are highly competent bloggers (or is it bloggists?) with whom I would trust my life in a game of World of Warcraft or Halo. They, along with yours truly, are just a free sample of the deliciousness that is KU Athletics. We are a multi-talented and extremely good looking bunch, us Jayhawks. When we aren't winning bowl games or cutting down nets, we enjoy many pasttimes such as reading, knitting, or settling down in our Snuggies for a quiet movie night at home. One of my favorite hobbies is playing music. In fact, 100% of my classes this semester are music classes. Granted, I am only taking one class and it is a beginners class for piano, but you get the point.

So, naturally, being a piano player that on a scale of Super Bowl Quarterbacks is somewhere around a Trent Dilfer, I decided to make my debut performance a couple of weeks back at the Jazzhaus down on Mass St.(A couple of ex-Jayhawk footballers have a band and so graciously let myself and my roommate Chris Gorney (who will likely make many more appearances on this blog for his antics, which are also simply known as "Gorneys") play with them. I, of course, was on keyboard and Chris played the djembe (a hand drum) while Micah Brown and Jeff Foster melted faces up front on guitar/vocals. I came in after they played a couple of songs (probably so that the crowd could mentally and emotionally prepare themselves for what was about to happen). We laid down a sweet rendition of The Killers' "All These Things That I've Done" as well as a shortened version of "Come Sail Away" of Styx fame. After the final song, the crowd, those of them that still had the strength to walk, carried us down the street declaring that no musicians should ever be allowed to play live music in Lawrence again because they had just heard perfection and it is the last beautiful sound that should resonate through the streets of our fair city... or something like that, I can't remember.

Yes, my friends, there is a lot to know about us. Sometimes you live, work, and learn right next to people and all it takes is reaching out to them to find they are just extraordinary people. Like that time I lost a baseball signed by Babe Ruth in my neighbor's yard and his dog took it and I spent all summer trying to get it back that culminated with the dog chasing my friend Benny around the neighborhood only to find that my neighbor actually played with Ruth and had a baseball signed by the whole Yankee team. So let that be a lesson to you, Chalk Talk fans, and until next time... stay sweet. Rock Chalk.

Paul "Got His Mouth Lookin' Something Like a Disco Ball" Hefferon

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