Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rock Chalk Road Trip: Basketball

Check out what it's like on the road with the Jayhawk Men's Basketball team as they let you follow them on their recent trip to NYC to play Memphis in the Jimmy V Classis.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Quick Pix: Tattoos

Several of the Jayhawk student-athletes at KU are inked up, here are a few stories behind some of these Jayhawk's tattoos.

"We got it as something that not only symbolizes the running aspect of our lives, but also the tough times we've been through together over the past year and a half. At one point or another we've all been through tough stuff but we've been there for each other. It will bonds us. It will always be a cool story to tell people that we got these tattoos with best friends in college. As, for running, the tattoo is also very similar to the symbol used by the NCAA and having the opportunity to be Division I runners is something we are very proud of!"

-Natalie Becker, Tessa Turcotte and Allie Marquis (cross country, track and field)


"I got my tattoo this past summer as a reminder of where my strength comes from and as a symbol of my faith. 'Nothing is impossible with God' is a powerful statement for me and I believe it wholeheartedly. the verse from Isaiah 40 has been my verse since I first started running. It was the one that was put on my mom's heart for her to share with me and it has become my power verse. 'Even youths grow tired and weary and young men stumble and fall, but those who hop in the Lord will renew their strength, they will soar high on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.' My tattoo is an anchor for me. It reminds me daily of who I am and who I want to be."

-Rebeka Stowe (cross country, track and field)


"The tattoo says 'sin temor' and means 'fearless' in Spanish. It's to remind me how to be. And it's also an angel holding a cross, it's to watch over me I guess. It's not finished but there will also be three roses around the angel to represent my mom, dad and sister."

-Brandon Macias (baseball)

"This is the first tattoo I had done. I got it the night before I left for KU, August 13th, 2009. It means 'fearless commitment' in Finnish. I kept the phrase true to itself by having it written in Finnish; Finland has won 21 of the 69 medals awarded in the javelin during the modern Olympics era. I decided on this tattoo because I believe if you are going to accomplish anything you must attack it wholeheartedly and be committed to the goal. Also, it is a Finnish javelin phrase which is why it is on my left thigh (my plant leg) and relates to creating an aggressive 'block' for the throw."
-Dan Hitman (track and field)

" I got [Steve Prefontaine] because he not only ran without fear, but lived without fear and I admire that and have struggled with it. I got [courage written in Hindi] for the same reason as the Prefontaine one. Both are reminders for me to be courageous."
-Clay Schneider (cross country, track and field)

Game Face: Allison Mayfield and Tayler Tolefree

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day In the Life: Rock Chalk Dancer

Follow the Rock Chalk Dancers as they give you a look at what a typical men's basketball game day is like for them!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Showdown: Soccer vs. Softball Results

Sunday, Nov. 21 the KU Softball and Soccer teams met in a head to head battle of athleticism on the softball field. We talked with Liz Kocon (softball) and Jordyn Perdue (soccer) in a pre-game interview the week before the big showdown, and they came back by to give us the post-game analysis.

Let's just cut to the chase. What were the results?

LK: Softball!

In both games?!

JP: Well we didn't really play soccer. We played MUFF. But softball dominated.

MUFF? Can you give us a short explanation of what that is?

LK: You describe it Jordyn. I don't know soccer terms.

JP: Ok, first, "dominated" is not the appropriate word. Second, MUFF is just a game where a group tries to keep a soccer ball in the air by juggling it, and if you drop it you get a letter. If you acquire M-U-F-F you stand in front of a wall and people just kick balls at you.

Well did soccer at least get some retaliation in the MUFF game?

LK: Nope. No. I only think one soccer player actually hit me (when I was on the wall).

JP: How many times would you say you were being 'hit at' though?

LK: Well I was on the wall twice... out of two times.

Ok, so the overall day, was it successful?

LK: I loved it. I had a blast, but that's because I love winning.

JP: We scored four runs! That wasn't supposed to happen. Four runs!

What was the final score?

JP: It was 6-4 at one point, then they started slaying because of our outfield.

LK: No. It was because we actually started trying.

JP: Yeah because you got scared. Then it got out of hand.

So we asked in the pre game interview if you think the competiveness would build camaraderie or if it would put a wedge in your friendships. Which of these two outcomes do you think were the result?

JP: I'm feeling some wedged friendships right now (laughs) KIDDING!

LK: I feel good about it. I'm just ready to see what other sports softball can dominate soccer in .

JP: Yeah, right.

LK: Jordyn was surprisingly good. She had some range at third base. Kaitlyn (Cunningham) was good at the plate, and Caroline (Kastor) was also good. If it hadn't been for those three they wouldn't have scored any runs.

So what's the next event going to be?

JP: We still want to play a full game of soccer.

LK: Tennis.

JP: Track?

LK: I'll just be a thrower in that (competition).

What were your final thoughts on the day?

LK: It was great. I had fun.

JP: I'm going to be returning in my fifth year to play softball (at KU). It's happening. See yuh out on the diamond!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day In The Life: Swim and Dive

Jayhawk Swim and Dive took the Jayhawk Chalk Talk camera for the day and gave you a behind the scenes look at what it's like to walk a mile in their shoes (or flippers).

International SAAC: A Night to Highlight KU's International Competitors

This past Monday, November 22 the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee hosted a night dedicated a night entirely to highlighting the group of International student-athletes. International athlete and SAAC member Sara Lazarevic tells us more...

SAAC international night was a fun event were several student athletes got together and brought home cooked meals and talked about their native land. The setup was a little different from the usual SAAC meetings, which made the night especially interesting. Students exchanged there cultural experiences as they told stories about home while answering questions about their culture.

For some of the international students it was their first time to a SAAC meeting, and after they defiantly felt more comfortable. Being part of the event allowed them to learn more about SAAC and SAAC’s atmosphere. Many of the tennis girls said they looked forward to attending more SAAC events now that they know what it’s about and how it all works. Overall, I think everyone that attended had a great time trying different foods, laughing, and learning more about their fellow student-athletes.

-Sara Lazarevic (tennis)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Showdown: Soccer vs. Softball

This Sunday the KU Softball and Soccer teams are facing off in a "friendly" showdown on both the soccer and softball field. We asked Liz Kocon (softball) and Jordyn Perdue (soccer) to sit down for a pre-game interview to give us a rundown on the event as well as their predictions for both games.


First off, explain for the blog readers what it is you are doing.

LK: Me and Kaitlyn (Cunningham) came up with the idea. To have a soccer versus softball, softball game… To make it even the softball team will have to swing from the opposite side of the plate.

You guys are playing soccer too I understand.

JP: Ya, after the softball game, it will be followed by a soccer game.

How is that game going to be fair though? Softball is batting with their opposite hand. You going to only shoot with your left foot?

JP: Ya, we are gonna play on a smaller sized field and give them 5 extra players.

If your going softball versus soccer in both games, isn’t it going to be obvious who’s going to win?

JP: No, no. I think you’ll be surprised.

So predictions for the softball game?

LK: Softball, No doubt!

JP: I think softball will win but I think it will be really close. Within a run or two.

What about the soccer game?

JP: Ya that won’t even be close.

LK: Ya probably not.

JP: Run rule!

Is there even a run rule in soccer, isn’t that a softball thing?

JP: No there’s not, but we’ll have to invent it for this game.

Are there any of your teammates who will be stand out "crossover" players you think?

LK: Leah. Leah (Daiber) is a really good muff player! (Soccer juggling game the softball team plays) And Rizzo (Marissa Ingle).

JP: I think the soccer team has some pretty steller athletes, that talent will come out on the softball uh what is it you call it? Field? Diamond? Whatever. Were gonna go out there and surprise "Team Softball."

I heard you were going to pitch jordyn?

JP: Ya I’ll be pitching. I’ll be wearing a catchers mask, while pitching. Cause I don’t want to get hit in the face.

Protect the money maker?

JP: Yes exacty

Do you think this event will build the camaraderie between the two teams or do you think the competitiveness will get to your friendships?

JP: Well I’ve proposed an Olympics of sorts to determine which team has the better athletes and this is just the start of it I feel like.

Any final thoughts going into the game? Anything at all?

JP: "Team Soccer" is gonna slay.

Liz: Ya, we’ll see

We WILL see! Check back next week for the post-game analysis and results!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Pix: Snoozing Jayhawks

Between class, practice, tutoring, competiton and MAYBE a social life Jayhawks gotta sleep somewhere...

Deshaun Sands (football) in the team lounge

Amanda Miller (Cross Country) on the way home from practice

Coach Francis (soccer) on the plane

Kendra Cullum (softball) in the locker room

Geneva Magness (soccer) on the plane ride

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rock Chalk Road Trip: Tennis

Follow the Kansas Tennis Team as they show you around San Diego in our first installment of Rock Chalk Road Trip!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jayhawk Art Show

Attention All Jayhawk Student-Athletes,

The art show is coming! If you, or any of your fellow student-athletes would be interested in displaying some of their artistic abilities - through just about any medium, please be sure to contact Mike Harrity, Matt Baysinger, or Brittany Belford.

Here are some examples by current student-athletes.

Darrell Stuckey: Self Portrait

Erin Sargent: Painting