Friday, November 19, 2010

Showdown: Soccer vs. Softball

This Sunday the KU Softball and Soccer teams are facing off in a "friendly" showdown on both the soccer and softball field. We asked Liz Kocon (softball) and Jordyn Perdue (soccer) to sit down for a pre-game interview to give us a rundown on the event as well as their predictions for both games.


First off, explain for the blog readers what it is you are doing.

LK: Me and Kaitlyn (Cunningham) came up with the idea. To have a soccer versus softball, softball game… To make it even the softball team will have to swing from the opposite side of the plate.

You guys are playing soccer too I understand.

JP: Ya, after the softball game, it will be followed by a soccer game.

How is that game going to be fair though? Softball is batting with their opposite hand. You going to only shoot with your left foot?

JP: Ya, we are gonna play on a smaller sized field and give them 5 extra players.

If your going softball versus soccer in both games, isn’t it going to be obvious who’s going to win?

JP: No, no. I think you’ll be surprised.

So predictions for the softball game?

LK: Softball, No doubt!

JP: I think softball will win but I think it will be really close. Within a run or two.

What about the soccer game?

JP: Ya that won’t even be close.

LK: Ya probably not.

JP: Run rule!

Is there even a run rule in soccer, isn’t that a softball thing?

JP: No there’s not, but we’ll have to invent it for this game.

Are there any of your teammates who will be stand out "crossover" players you think?

LK: Leah. Leah (Daiber) is a really good muff player! (Soccer juggling game the softball team plays) And Rizzo (Marissa Ingle).

JP: I think the soccer team has some pretty steller athletes, that talent will come out on the softball uh what is it you call it? Field? Diamond? Whatever. Were gonna go out there and surprise "Team Softball."

I heard you were going to pitch jordyn?

JP: Ya I’ll be pitching. I’ll be wearing a catchers mask, while pitching. Cause I don’t want to get hit in the face.

Protect the money maker?

JP: Yes exacty

Do you think this event will build the camaraderie between the two teams or do you think the competitiveness will get to your friendships?

JP: Well I’ve proposed an Olympics of sorts to determine which team has the better athletes and this is just the start of it I feel like.

Any final thoughts going into the game? Anything at all?

JP: "Team Soccer" is gonna slay.

Liz: Ya, we’ll see

We WILL see! Check back next week for the post-game analysis and results!

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