Monday, November 29, 2010

International SAAC: A Night to Highlight KU's International Competitors

This past Monday, November 22 the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee hosted a night dedicated a night entirely to highlighting the group of International student-athletes. International athlete and SAAC member Sara Lazarevic tells us more...

SAAC international night was a fun event were several student athletes got together and brought home cooked meals and talked about their native land. The setup was a little different from the usual SAAC meetings, which made the night especially interesting. Students exchanged there cultural experiences as they told stories about home while answering questions about their culture.

For some of the international students it was their first time to a SAAC meeting, and after they defiantly felt more comfortable. Being part of the event allowed them to learn more about SAAC and SAAC’s atmosphere. Many of the tennis girls said they looked forward to attending more SAAC events now that they know what it’s about and how it all works. Overall, I think everyone that attended had a great time trying different foods, laughing, and learning more about their fellow student-athletes.

-Sara Lazarevic (tennis)

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