Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Showdown: Soccer vs. Softball Results

Sunday, Nov. 21 the KU Softball and Soccer teams met in a head to head battle of athleticism on the softball field. We talked with Liz Kocon (softball) and Jordyn Perdue (soccer) in a pre-game interview the week before the big showdown, and they came back by to give us the post-game analysis.

Let's just cut to the chase. What were the results?

LK: Softball!

In both games?!

JP: Well we didn't really play soccer. We played MUFF. But softball dominated.

MUFF? Can you give us a short explanation of what that is?

LK: You describe it Jordyn. I don't know soccer terms.

JP: Ok, first, "dominated" is not the appropriate word. Second, MUFF is just a game where a group tries to keep a soccer ball in the air by juggling it, and if you drop it you get a letter. If you acquire M-U-F-F you stand in front of a wall and people just kick balls at you.

Well did soccer at least get some retaliation in the MUFF game?

LK: Nope. No. I only think one soccer player actually hit me (when I was on the wall).

JP: How many times would you say you were being 'hit at' though?

LK: Well I was on the wall twice... out of two times.

Ok, so the overall day, was it successful?

LK: I loved it. I had a blast, but that's because I love winning.

JP: We scored four runs! That wasn't supposed to happen. Four runs!

What was the final score?

JP: It was 6-4 at one point, then they started slaying because of our outfield.

LK: No. It was because we actually started trying.

JP: Yeah because you got scared. Then it got out of hand.

So we asked in the pre game interview if you think the competiveness would build camaraderie or if it would put a wedge in your friendships. Which of these two outcomes do you think were the result?

JP: I'm feeling some wedged friendships right now (laughs) KIDDING!

LK: I feel good about it. I'm just ready to see what other sports softball can dominate soccer in .

JP: Yeah, right.

LK: Jordyn was surprisingly good. She had some range at third base. Kaitlyn (Cunningham) was good at the plate, and Caroline (Kastor) was also good. If it hadn't been for those three they wouldn't have scored any runs.

So what's the next event going to be?

JP: We still want to play a full game of soccer.

LK: Tennis.

JP: Track?

LK: I'll just be a thrower in that (competition).

What were your final thoughts on the day?

LK: It was great. I had fun.

JP: I'm going to be returning in my fifth year to play softball (at KU). It's happening. See yuh out on the diamond!

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