Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jayhawk Spotlight: Mike Rivera

Yo! Matt Baysinger here with a few updates.

1. Though there were no submissions for most awful mugshot in the history of sports, it should be noted that the faux hawk will no longer grace the pages of It has since been replaced by my photo from my junior year. How's that for going retro? If the faux hawk photo was Bangkok Dangerous, then the old photo is probably closer to the likes of Wicker Man.

2. The air conditioning has not been functioning properly in my office for a few days. By not functioning, of course, I mean that I am sweating right now and the ceiling lights feel like the summer sun. Things could be worse though, atleast I am not this guy.

3. Last week was Spring Break, which means that I sat in my office and had the chance to look outside as long as Casey Wright left her door open. But more importantly, the downtime has proved to be the mother of ingenuity. While this blog is awesome, it occured to us that we don't have to stop with just a blog. From this point forward, we will not only be blogging, but we will also be vlogging. Because many of our student-athletes were busy frolicking on beaches and mountains, we brought in Mike Rivera - also known as King Leonidas in cleats. Mike recently worked out at the KU Pro Day, and will soon be busting faces in the NFL. He gives a glimpse into Pro Day antics, as well as some hilarious stories from his playing time at KU.

So without further ado, turn off your brain and turn up your speakers. This is the Hawk Talk Video Vault.

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