Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Full name is Melissa Lynne Grieb ... Parents are Jeff and Mary Grieb ... Father played baseball at Wichita State ... Has two sisters, Stephanie and Rebekah ... Stephanie was an All-American volleyball player at Mid-America Nazarene ... Majoring in human biology.


If you could be in High School Musical or Camp Rock, which would it be?

Oh boy. That is a really tough question, I have often thought about this. I’m gonna go High School Musical. Number one reason is because of Zac Efron of course. If I could choose one of the three, it would be three because Zac looks the best in that one.

Who would win in a fight: Joe Jonas or Zac Efron?
Are these all about them!? Zac would win because of his hair. It would go down in a gym with background music playing and a little dancing. Since Zac is a better dancer, he would dance circles around him and sing. Although Joe can play the tambourine so I don’t know... but Zac would definitely win.

I should win an Oscar for...
I should win an Oscar for being so good at Disney Sing it… way better than Katie and Paige!

What’s it like to be famous on YouTube?
It’s awesome. Lots of calls. People like Ellen and stuff trying to get me on the show... No, it is really fun though. We have had a lot of attention– Katie gets most of it because she played Gabriella – of course, pretty big deal – but we have had people on the street talk to us about it. I really felt like we could really get on shows. I thought it was a way bigger deal than it really was. I legitimately thought we could get on Ellen. Katie’s sister sent them an email and I thought about sending the tape. I want to be a celebrity so that I can be friends with other celebrities.

What fictional book character do you have the biggest crush on?
Oh Geez duh! I’m going to have to go with Edward Cullen, from Twilight. He’s a vampire. He likes blood. He’s really hot – the best looking man ever so the book says. Edward would even beat Zac Efron in a fight. It would be in a dark field with the moon of course. Edward would bite Zac, even though he wouldn’t like his blood cause he doesn’t like fellas. Edward would definitely win because he doesn’t dance at all and would probably laugh at Zac Efron.

So be honest, are you an 13-year-old trapped in a 21-year-old body?
Yes. I have often thought about this as well. I don’t think I belong in college, I belong in High School. In a High school musical, of course. I wish everyday could be like a high school musical.

Do you love Lamp? Why or why not?
I love lamp, and I love making loud noises. I also love couch.

You’ve said that your dream job is to be a dentist. Why?
I wanted to be a doctor, cause I like how it sounds. I didn’t want any life and death situations, like a lot of blood. For a while I wanted to be an optometrist, but every optometrist I talk with says they would have rather been a dentist so I chose dentistry.

So are you saying that gingivitis is not a life and death situation?
Not with me being the dentist. I could fix it really easily – pull a couple teeth.

What are you most proud of?
Is this a serious question? Can I say our youtube video? I was proud that I didn’t mess up and Katie did. I was embarrassed but I am glad we got through it. It was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done. We wanted to do it on video but Matt Baysinger convinced us to do it live. But I think it added to the performance since it was live.

Would you rather have steam come out of your ears when you get angry or have your nose change colors with your mood?
Steam. My mood changes a lot so my nose would always be changing colors. But with the steam, people would only know when I was angry. It would just be cooler in general.

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