Thursday, February 26, 2009

HAWK TALK - Ally Stanton, Softball

Allyson Lane Stanton, junior, St. Louis, MO... Big White Castle fan.... Major is Journalism... Parents are Dan and Connie Stanton... Has one brother, Drew... Dad played football at Southeast Missouri State... Chose KU because she really loved the softball team and most of her friends from home go to Missouri and she wanted to do the exact opposite of all of them... Is a big fan of the Dave Matthews Band.

What is your favorite memory from your elementary school years?

Soccer was a really huge deal in elementary school and I remember when I became a free agent around 4th grade and switched teams and it was a big deal – I was the only one and I went home and told my parents that there was a huge frenzy and big backlash from switching teams. I felt very honored. I was always the biggest kid in my class. I came home in Kindergarten after we learned about numbers and we measured everyones height and weight and got in order. I was the biggest kid in my class and my mom told me to not tell anyone. I was proud of it so I guess that transferred.

Most ridiculous KU sports memory?

The most ridiculous when we had the 80’s band play before a softball game. They had an 80s cover band come out. We were warming up, it was a colder day. When we showed up at the field there was a band setting up. Our coach is intense and she was getting frazzled and said ‘what are these kids doing here? getting mad’ and marketing told her about the 80’s band. So the 80s cover band played for us, the other team and like 4 of our parents. They dedicated the songs to players cause there was no one else there. It was crazy, but it was pretty cool I guess.

What is your favorite YouTube video?

Currently I really like the one where the kid just got back from the dentist, all high on laughing gas. It is really cute the little kid just wants to go back to real life. When he screams, he just wants to get out of his body. He sighs, and his dad knows he can’t do anything for him. It is hilarious. Of course, I also like all of the JayRock videos.

JayRock - Softball 2009

What is your proudest moment?

I walked-on to KU so that’s been a big accomplishment to see as much playing time as I have as a walk-on. I didn’t know how to be recruited and I didn’t think I wanted to play softball but then at the end of my senior year in high school I was like ‘oh wait, I do!’ And I came to KU for a camp and fell in love with it and they knew I was going to be a walk-on cause there were no more scholarships. But I was up for the challenge and I worked really, really hard when I came out here. So doing that has been one of my biggest accomplishment. Also, being the inaugural Hawk Talk on this blog is right up there.

Best thing that has happened this week?

Softball wise, we beat Cal last weekend, who was ranked #10. Also, there was a Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon last night that got me through studying, or hindered me from doing so. One of the two.

When no one is looking...

I play with my nose. Not the inside, I'm not picking it. Since I broke it, it doesn’t look bad but it feels funny so I play with the bridge of my nose. It is like a mashed together puzzle. I broke it playing softball, I foul tipped a pitch into my face. So now it is reconstructed and I play with it.

Fictional character most like you and why?

These are really tough questions. Well, I don’t know if she’s most like me but I absolutely love Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane in Almost Famous. Because I think she’s a nut. If I could go back in time, I’d like to be her with her crazy furry coat and she has a toolbox, like a fishing tackle box, instead of a purse. She kind of goes where the wind takes her, so I would like to be like her, but I don’t think I am like her.

What’s your dream job?

It’s to work in an Athletic Department, in the Student-Athlete Development/Life Skills area). I’m in Journalism, but I’m kind of realizing that it’s not the path that I want to take. I love being a student-athlete, so I know when I’m done here in a couple years I don’t want to stop interacting with them. And I think it’s a cool thing and it’s something that a lot of people don’t understand. It’s really cool to have a support group and it’s like a family and I want to stay a part of that.

Would you rather have wheels for feet or a t-shirt cannon for an arm?

As an outfielder, I think the t-shirt cannon would lend itself well, but I think wheels for feet. I’m a terribly slow person. I’m awfully slow. So the wheels I think would help me out. My dad says I run like I’m towing a refrigerator. So I think wheels for feet. I did steal my first base of the year this past weekend. I was superpumped, like “oh yeah.” An inning later I found out the pitcher threw a change-up (when I stole the base) which clearly gives you more time to get to second. But I was still excited.