Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hawk Talk: Julia Guard, Rowing

Parents are Kimberly and Danny Anderson and Roger Guard... Stepfather, Danny, is Vice Provost of Academic affairs at the University of Kansas... Majoring in Geography and Business.

You are a Geography major. Can you find Djibouti?
Absolutely. Africa, on the horn!
Why Geography?
Well I usually tell people that I like to travel and that geography is interesting. Really thought, I took a bunch of business classes and hated them, so I wanted to get in something easier. I really like it though so I am happy with my major.
The new boathouse. What do you think?
We just want to put out a huge thank you to the student body because it was their vote that helped make it a reality by voting for it and it wouldn't be possible without all of our fellow Jayhawks! As far as the change that's happened, the practices are a lot harder. But it will only make us better. Also the laundry service is awesome. And it really helps with recruiting.
Describe your love for grape nuts and honey bunches of oats.

It all started earlier this year when my roommate Lauren turned me on to grapenuts. I have a quickly growing obsession of cereal mixed with yogurt. I probably have three or four bowls a day. Sometimes I’ve been known to do two or three at a time - definitely in the morning, definitely at night. This week we have been eating at the burge, and it has done the trick, but usually I do a few a day.

I also understand that you love chai tea latte’s?

I have probably had a few hundred this semester. I get them everywhere – it is low calorie, and I love hot drinks in the winter. It is the best of both words. Hot chocolate makes me feel guilty, but there is no guilt in the chai tea latte. They are close to a five-spot each time – but I save money with all the cereal I eat!

Are you jealous of the Dundie Award on this desk?

Yes, I am a huge office fan! I got hooked this year, I have been catching up ever since. I have all the dvd’s. It all started with my crush on John Krasinski – the guy who plays Jim. He’s a hottie. His love for Pam is just touching. Paired with Michael Scott’s character, it all just kills me. I love dry humor. The office is definitely a top notch show

If you worked at Dundler Mifflin, what department would you work in?
Sales. I would want to get in on the pranks and show Jim whats up - even though his pranks are unbelievable.

How would you describe Michael’s leadership style?

He is a leader unlike any other I have ever met. But if he ran a business school, I wouldn’t join. It would be entertaining, but I wouldn’t learn anything. He is such a good guy deep down, but he is such an idiot.

Who would win a fight between Andy and Dwight?

It would be the most pathetic fight ever. Though they did fight in the parking lot when andy ran him over with his car. I think Dwight would win because he has hidden weapons all over the office that he could use at will. It would be a fun fight.

Starboard or port – which is better?

Starboard! That’s what I row. I don’t know that I really think it is better – it is just what I have to do. When you are backwards on the boat, I row to the left. My left – coxswain’s right.
What is catching a crab?

When you don’t pull through your oar fast enough or not squared right. It catches wrong in the water and flips the oar upsidown. It makes the whole boat rear off to the side and the whole boat has to basically start over - teammates would not be happy. It has never happened to me in a race, only in practice. It is the worst thing ever!

What does the rowing team do to get pumped before a race?

Everyone is actually really quiet and focused. We just get ready, get stretched, game face on. After every race we sing the alma mater.

Tell us something about your teammates?

Brooke and Carrie like to think of themselves as comedians, but that is up for debate. Nobody is super flashy with their talents, though I am pretty amazing with handstands.

So I hear you went for a swim in the Kaw river?

Oh man, This year, on a normal day of practice I was sitting bow. One of the coxswains ran us into an intake – a giant cement block. She didn’t see it – Sarah Best. The boat got crunched. There was no warning. In the middle of a stroke, my feet got ripped out of my shoes and I did a backflip out of the river. There was nothing stopping me. I was completely n shock, coach Rob had to pull me into the launch. I was shocked but we were all laughing about it 15 minutes later.
Raisins - box or bag?

Bag, you get more. I probably have 1000 calories of raisins a day. I can eat them constantly. They are amazing. I also eat dried pineapple. I tried craisins once, but they don’t do it for me, they have too much of a punch.

Would you rather spend one week locked in a room with Angela Martin, or go on a cross country roadtrip with Kelly Kapur?

Well Angela has a lot of cats. My heart tells me I would go with Kelly for the conversation, but I think I would choose Angela because she reminds me of my roommate Lauren and I am so used to that anyway.

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