Friday, April 3, 2009

Two Poems by Darrell Stuckey II

Poetry is a hobby I love to do to release emotions that are built up inside, whether it's fear, joy, sadness. Or just a way to keep myself motivated.
"My Hero" I wrote as a reflection of the positive influence my Grandpa had in my life to bring me out of mourn.
"Blind Fear" I wrote as an inspiration of the inner thoughts before competition.
My Hero
As a child we tend to take things for granted.
We think we can fly, or that we’ll live forever.
Not realizing the value in life nor the sensitivity of it.
Not even how easy it can be lost through decisions, time, or neglect.
I use to think that mother could do anything,
Yeah she was my role model.
Her determination, passion,
and selflessness have made me who I am.
But there was a time that I was living aimlessly,
My faith was careless and my direction was pathless.
It was like I was trying to count the stars before night fall.
I remember when my night fall came and my stars were visible.
It was the first time I saw my grandpa’s name,
On the Wall of Fame at the Ranch for bowling a 300.
Or the first time I saw him hit a homerun at 50 years old.
Or maybe it was when he injured his neck going into 2nd base
And still returned to the field again.
It was these moments that gave direction,
Seeing him reach perfection bowling a 300 gave me hope,
And the desire to be the best in all that I do.
Seeing him hit multiple homeruns at 50 years old,
Made me realize that size and age is not only what matters,
But sound judgment, technique, and heart can get you further…
Gentle, Proud, and Loving,
My Grandpa is my Hero

Blind Fear
Sweaty palms, stomach turning, vision blurry
What is this feeling
Is it a result of something bad
Or the build up of something good
I don’t want to miss my opportunity
Especially if I know I should
Do I run, walk, it doesn’t matter
I just need to get there
Wright, wrong, maybe it can influence my character,
My integrity, or my reputation
I can’t risk it,
It was hard to build up,
Yet so easy to lose it
Sweaty palms, stomach turning, vision blurry
What is this feeling
Is it the result of uncertainty
Or the anxiety of being so anxious
I’ve done it before
So why does it always feel like the first time
Should I smile, yell, or frown
And hold my grin firm
It’s either me or him/her
Which one of us will be the better player
Is it the one who plays harder
Or the one who worked the hardest in preparation
If so maybe I shouldn’t have skipped those reps in the weight room
Or maybe I should have ran a little harder during conditioning
Okay here we go, come on get ready…
But why am I so nervous
Why so scared
What is this feeling
Ah, I know, it’s… it’s…
The fear, yeah that’s it
The fear of the unknown

- Darrell Stuckey II, Football


  1. Darrell

    I guess i'm not much of a 'critic' to really know much about poetry, but I found both of these pieces to be very expressive and engaging, i.e., I enjoyed them and wanted to keep reading. Also, I think they are indicative of a heck of a lot more maturity than I had at your age.

    Thanks for sharing these, and best of luck to you in this upcoming season and beyond.

    David Wood
    Jayhawk dad and fan

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