Monday, February 21, 2011

Player Profile: Nate Barbee

Name: Nate Barbee

Hometown: Dakota Dunes, SD

Major: Business

Class: Senior

Favorite athlete: Blake Griffin

Talent I’d like to have: Dunk a basketball

Dream Job: Lumberjack

Pre-game pump up song: "Final Countdown" by Europe

Favorite value in others: Perseverance

What I drive: A Chevy Equinox

On my bedroom wall: Absolutely nothing

What’s in your purse/ wallet? Two Dollars

Dinner w three people living or dead: Tiger Woods, Dan Waite (teammate) and Chris Gilbert (teammate)

Heroes: Doug Quinones (teammate)

Favorite Movie: "Christmas Vacation"

Favorite childhood memory: Going to Disney World

What sport did you play growing up that people wouldn’t know about? Cross country and football

Favorite comfort food? Chicken wings

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