Friday, February 11, 2011

Flash Mob Experience

I went to a SAAC meeting on January 31 and was informed about a bunch of students doing a flash mob dance at the KU vs Mizzou game. I wanted to do it because it guaranteed at good seat at the game and Jeff Bell and I looked what a flash mob was on YouTube and we thought that it looked really fun. We had 3 practices that lasted about an hour each and we got pizza after each time. They told us in the last practice that we were going to be performing at the under 8 media timeout and that they had informed ESPN and our camera crews that we were going to do this at that time. We got to go into the game early that day and get in our seats while the first camping groups were coming in. I had a great time and I think that the crowd really enjoyed it as well. I think that someone should put another one of these together at some point!

-Doug Quinones (Men's Golf)

(you can see Doug and Jeff to the left of the entrance, 4 rows from the bottom, sitting next to the railing)

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