Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quick Pix: Jayhawk Twins

Our KU Men's Basketball roster proudly boasts arguably the most famous duo in college hoops history, the Morris Twins.Opponents not only have to guard one 6'10" powerhouse forward, but they have the daunting task of defending TWO monstrous posts.
What many Jayhawk fans don't know is, the KU Men's Basketball team is not our only team applying this one-two punch on the court, or the field or in the pool for that matter. We have SIX different Jayhawk teams that fill their roster with sets of twins. Check 'em out.

Kelsey and Kortney Clifton come to KU from Wichita, KS. Kortney plays forward, while Kelsey plays midfield.

Maggie and Rosie Hull are local softball products, coming right from Lawrence, KS. Both play outfield and bat from the left side of the plate but Maggie throws left handed while Rosie throws with her right.

Brittany and Alyssa Potter swam to KU from Bentonville, Ark. Alyssa swims the 400 IM, 200 and 100 Fly and Brittany swims the 200 and 100 Fly and the 200 IM.

Kara and Amy Wehrs, freshman on this years KU volleyball team hail from Hampshire, IL. Amy plays outside hitter while Kara plays setter for the Jayhawks.

Brooke and Molly Ryan dance on the Jayhawk spirit squad and come to KU from Iowa.

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